Footprint Magazine

My goal for this assignment was to design a magazine layout that appeals to environmentally conscious people. Please note this is a fictional magazine that I made up.


Footprint is a magazine that demystifies how to shrink your carbon footprint. Footprint was created by Victoria Quinn, an environmental activist who is based in Nova Scotia, Canada. Quinn aims to deliver important messages about climate change in a new light. Brutally honest but not without hope. Each issue will offer readers new ideas for reducing their carbon footprint along with inspiration to stay motivated and encourage others to join the fight against climate change.

Project Objective
Footprints magazine requires a design that reflects the core idea behind their publication – that reducing our carbon footprint is a necessary, rewarding, and beautiful process.

Project Overview
The initial design will include the front cover, table of contents, and four article pages. To encourage people to lower their carbon footprint by providing resources that educate them on the many reasons we need to reduce our collective footprint, what that entails, and how to do it.

Target Audience
Young adults (18 – 35) who are thinking of building homes and starting families. People who want to protect our planet and ensure the livelihood of future generations.

Example Persona
Kelly MacIntosh is a 25 year old recent political theory graduate who is looking to buy an adorable, low-impact home for her and her dog Einstein. She feels overwhelmed by the predictions of environmental destruction that face the earth and is beginning to feel like there is simply nothing she can do to prevent it. She picks up this magazine that features a tiny house on the cover and is excited to see that it offers many ideas for reducing her carbon footprint.


  • Typography
  • Layout
  • Grid Structure


  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop


Footprint cover design